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Testimonial #1

"We recently had one of the locksmiths from Emergency Locksmith Reading out to our home as the key in our front door snapped.  The lockset itself had been sticking for a few weeks but we didn’t think anything of it.  My husband and I were arriving home for work and had to get ready for a social engagement when we were locked out of the house.  We talked to our neighbour about it and he mentioned your company as the best Emergency Locksmith in Reading so we called.  The staff member who took the call was very understanding and said they would get someone over right away.  While we were expecting to wait about an hour or so, someone from Emergency Locksmith Reading arrived within the half hour and had us back in the house within minutes.  He also rekeyed the lock for us and left us with a few spare.  Thanks for the amazing service!"

Testimonial #2 

"Dear Emergency Locksmith Reading,

I just wanted to send this quick email thanking you for the help this past weekend.  I found myself in the embarrassing situation of requiring an Emergency Locksmith in Reading when my child hit the auto lock on my vehicle as he was exiting.  Problem was I still had the car running and hadn’t finished getting everything out of the vehicle.  I had asked my wife to do a quick search online for someone in the area to assist and came across your website.  After talking with one of your staff, an auto locksmith arrived in quick order to get us back in the car.  I was very impressed with his skills and the care he took in getting the vehicle unlocked without damaging things.  He had seen I was interested so actually explained the process as her performed it. Thanks to the staff at Emergency Locksmith Reading for helping me get back into my locked vehicle."

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